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Wh questions review

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English learners sometimes find the structure of asking questions quite difficult to understand.

Here we review the use of interrogative words (also known as wh-words). These are questions which cannot be answered with "yes" or "no" e.g. "What is your name?"

These ten questions are based on common mistakes I've heard English students make.

Remember we use:

Who for a person "Who were you talking to?"
Whose for ownership "Whose shoes are those?"
What for a thing or object "What's in that box? "
Why for a reason "Why were you late?"
Which for a choice or amount "Which do you prefer chicken or fish?"
Where for a place / location "Where are you from?"
When for a time "When will we leave?"
How for a way or amount "How do you spell your name?", "How old are you?"

Which word is needed in each question?

  • 1 - ___ met you after work?

  • 2 - ___ did you do that for?

  • 3 - ___ come it isn't working?

  • 4 - ___ far is New York from Boston?

  • 5 - ___ house does she live in?

  • 6 - ___ car is that?

  • 7 - ___ do you think about hunting?

  • 8 - ___ don't we go to a restaurant?

  • 9 - ___ should I do?

  • 10 - ___ do you feel about poetry?