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What are Collocations?

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In English we don't make our homework, we do our homework. We don't do a mistake, we make a mistake. We don't make a party, we have a party. These are examples of collocations. Collocations are combinations of words which are usually used together.

Learning collocations will make your English sound more natural. For example, it sounds very strange to native speaker to hear make a shower instead of take or have a shower.

Take a look at these sentences and choose the correct collocations:

  • 1) Can you ___ me a favour?

  • 2) Have you ___ lunch yet?

  • 3) I don't drink alcohol. I don't like to ___ drunk.

  • 4) The service here is terrible. I want to ___ a complaint.

  • 5) It's time to ___ your decision.

  • 6) I need to ___ some laundry tonight.

  • 7) We'll ___ a lot of time if we take a taxi.

  • 8) As long as you ___ your best, we will be happy.

  • 9) Please ___ attention during the lecture.

  • 10) I have something to tell you. Can you ___ a secret?