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What are compound words?

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Joining two or more small words togther to make a new larger one is how compound words are made.

Three types of compound word

When compound words have spaces between them they are called open compound nouns: child care, work day, and time saver.

When compound words are joined with no space they are called closed compound words: skateboard, football and airport.

When compound words are joined by a hyphen they are called hyphenated compound words. well-respected (adjective), son-in-law (noun), and life-size (adjective).

Sometimes the same two words can be used to make different compounds:

Clean and up:
Noun: The oil spill cleanup was expensive.
Phrasal verb: We should clean up our room.

Full and time:
Noun: She worked the full time permitted.
Adjective: They all worked full-time.

Choose the correct compound word in the following sentences:

  • 1) ___ with syrup are popular in Canada.

  • 2) I need to get a ___.

  • 3) ___ of the children are French.

  • 4) The paintings are ___ somewhere in Asia.

  • 5) There's a ___ bed in every room.

  • 6) Which ___ do you go to?

  • 7) Your ___ is still in the tent.