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What are conjunctions?

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Conjunctions join words or groups of words together. Some common conjunctions are and, that, because, but, if, or, as, than, and when.

And - He is learning English and French.

That - She said that she was ill.

Because - She doesn't eat meat or fish because she is vegetarian.

But - The film was long, but entertaining.

If - We're having a picnic tomorrow, if it's sunny.

Or - Would you like tea or coffee?

As - He fell over as he tried to run away

Than - It was much better than I expected.

When - I'll take you out for dinner when I get paid.

Now choose the best conjunction to complete each sentence:

  • 1) She lost her phone ___ she was at the party.

  • 2) There are some apples ___ oranges in the bowl.

  • 3) I'd rather go out ___ stay at home.

  • 4) I didn't know ___ she was pregnant.

  • 5) John has a suntan ___ he went to Hawaii.

  • 6) ___ I was leaving, it started raining.

  • 7) I want to go, ___ I have to work.

  • 8) You can either have chicken ___ fish.

  • 9) ___ we have time, we should go for a walk.