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What are conjunctions?

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Conjunctions are words that connect/join parts of a sentence. Today we look at five: and, or, so, because and but.


And is used to join words especially nouns and groups of words:

I have a brother and sister.

And is also used to describe actions that occur at the same time or after each other:

We watched a movie and ate popcorn.

She stopped walking and talked to me.


Or is used to show choice or possibility:

Would you like tea or coffee?


So shows the result of something; for that reason:

I was feeling tired, so I went home.

So is also used to give extra/additional information:

I am learning English and so are my friends.


Because shows the reason for something:

I stopped eating junk food because my doctor told me to.

She was crying because her dog ran away.


But is used to introduce more information to a previous statement and usually contrasts or shows conflict:

I don't like eating fish, but my boyfriend does.

Now choose the best conjunction in each sentence:

  • 1) ___ it is sunny, she is wearing sunglasses.

  • 2) I had cofffee ___ cake with Yoko last night.

  • 3) I didn't enjoy the movie, ___ I loved the book.

  • 4) I was feeling hungry, ___ I made some toast.

  • 5) Would you rather ski ___ snowboard?

  • 6) He looks tired ___ he was up all night.

  • 7) Either James ___ Paul has your phone.

  • 8) I want to improve my English, ___ I'm going to study in London.

  • 9) We'll visit Los Angeles, ___ not San Diego.

  • 10) She's funny ___ intelligent.