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What are Demonstrative Adjectives?

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We use demonstrative adjectives to point out specific people or things.

This and that

This and that modify singular nouns.

This is used to point out something that is near by:
"This book I'm holding is very old."

That is used to point out something that is farther away:
"That mountain looks small because it is so far away."

These and Those

These and those are used for plural nouns.

These is similar to this, but it is used for nearby plurals:
"These keys are all the wrong size for this door."

Those is similar to that, but it is used for far away plurals:
"Those taxi drivers we had on holiday were dangerous drivers."

Task 1: Choose the correct demonstrative adjective for each sentence.

Task 2: Write your own example sentences using today's key words.

Link: Important Forms Practice

  • 1 - Can you move ___ books into the other room?

  • 2 - Please pass me ___ cards.

  • 3 - I have to take ___ DVDs back to the store.

  • 4 - ___ airport is 50 miles away from here.

  • 5 - May I borrow some of ___ boxes?

  • 6 - Look at ___ plane flying high above us.

  • 7 - ___ is my favourite type of ice-cream.

  • 8 - I don't know any of ___ people.

  • 9 - ___ mice are so cute!

  • 10 - I don't know where the files are. I haven't seen ___.