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What do you do on Sunday?

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Phrasal Verbs Reading

The following text contains 10 highlighted phrasal verbs. Your task is to match them to the correct definitions.

During the week I always have to get up early for work so on Sunday I love to wake up late, usually around 9am and then get up 30 minutes later.

The first thing I do is switch on the coffee maker. No instant coffee for me today! On Sundays I always take the time to make some good coffee. While that's getting ready, I quickly throw on some clothes and pick up a newspaper from the local shop.

With my coffee and paper, I spend the rest of the morning on the sofa. Sometimes I even turn off my phone for a couple of hours so no one calls me.

Later in the day, I like to hang out with friends over lunch and catch up with their news and gossip. It's always nice to drive out to the countryside for a pub-lunch in a quiet English pub.

In the evenings I'll either stay in and watch some TV or, depending what's on, I'll check out a film in the cinema.

All in all, that's my idea of a good day!

Now type in the correct phrasal verbs in the spaces below:

  • 1 - to start the energy flow of something:
  • 2 - to spend time with friends relaxing:
  • 3 - to open your eyes after sleeping/to stop sleeping:
  • 4 - to to quickly put on (wear) something:
  • 5 - to find out the latest information:
  • 6 - to physically get out of bed so you are not lying down:
  • 7 - to stay inside your home and not go outside:
  • 8 - to go and buy something (cheap):
  • 9 - to look at/watch/investigate
  • 10 - to stop something's power supply: