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What does vert mean?

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Convert, divert, invert and revert. All these words end with (the suffix) vert.

What does vert mean?

Vert is a latin word we use in English meaning 'to turn'.

So when you see a word ending with -vert, you know it's related to turn.

Let's take a closer look at these 4 example words.

-Vert Words

convert: to cause something or someone to change in form, character, or opinion.

divert: to cause something or someone to change direction

invert: to turn something upside down, inside out or reverse the position.

revert: to return to a former condition, practice, subject, or belief.

As you can see, the definitions all refer to a form of turning.

Now it's your term. Which -vert word best fits in each sentence?

  • 1 - Because the road is closed the police will ___ traffic down another street.

  • 2 - I think that painting is the wrong way up. You should ___ it.

  • 3 - The new freezer I bought won't ___ water into ice.

  • 4 - Now the weather's better I'm going to ___ back to walking to work and stop driving again.