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What is EC?

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Reception, EC Malta

EC is a chain of English language schools based in Malta.
The company was initially established in 1991 with its first school in Malta. In 2002 the school acquired its first overseas school in Brighton. EC Brighton, a great school in a great location, was quickly followed by EC Cambridge and then EC London (in the city’s prestigious Covent Garden area).
EC ventured outside Europe in 2006 with the establishment of EC Cape Town and then opened three American schools: EC Boston, EC San Diego and EC New York. In 2008 97% of EC students said that they would recommend EC to a friend. EC offers quality English lessons, taught by dynamic teachers, in terrific destinations. All EC schools are located in English speaking countries and are a great option for English learners who want to combine improving their English with an enjoyable holiday. Not only does EC provide excellent lessons, but it has a wide array of accommodation options and a fun social activities programme. The diverse nationality mix means that while you are learning English you can mix with like-minded students from all around the world. Studying with EC is a great way to improve your English and make some new interesting friends.
If you are interested in taking a course at EC, please take a look at the service we provide:


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Now match the above key-words in bold to their definitions below.

Link: Visit Malta - reading and vocab practice

  • People who share the same interests, opinions and ideas:
  • The start of a company or organisation:
  • Respected and admired:
  • Having a lot of ideas and enthusiasm; energetic and forceful:
  • Bravely went somewhere for the first time:
  • Join together; act together:
  • Varied or different:
  • Main place or home of something:
  • A large group of things:
  • At the beginning:
  • Obtained; got; bought:
  • Very good: