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Whatever Whenever Wherever Whichever Whoever

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Here is a brief explanation of how 'whatever', 'whenever', 'wherever', 'whichever' and 'whoever' are used:


Whatever = anything or everything; regardless of what, (many things can happen but):
Whatever you do, don’t forget to buy the drinks for dinner tonight.
Ignore David, whatever he says. He's just a joker.


Whenever = every time; at any time; when is not important:
Whenever I plan a barbeque it rains.
Peter interrupts me whenever I speak.


Wherever = everywhere; in doesn't matter where; where is not important:
Wherever you go in the world you'll always find someone who speaks English.
We can go wherever you like tonight; it's your birthday.


Whichever = the person or thing which; it doesn't matter which; which is not important:
Choose whichever dress you like.
Wear whichever dress is most comfortable.


Whoever = the person who; it doesn't matter who:
You can invite whoever you like to the concert.
Whoever prepared dinner made a mess in the kitchen.

Lesson by Tristan, teacher at EC Malta English school

Now choose the correct word from the following:

  • 1. You can come over _ you like.

  • 2. I’d like to speak to _ is in charge of sales.

  • 3. The model comes in all these colours. Choose _ you like.

  • 4. _ happens don’t forget to call me.

  • 5. We can do _ you like tomorrow. I have a day off.

  • 6. I always have a good time with Sarah _ we go.

  • 7. _ used the car last forgot to switch off the headlights.

  • 8. My boss criticizes me _ I do.

  • 9. I want to see both films so we’ll see ___ you decide.

  • 10. I met someone from Lapua, _ that is.