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What's your favourite book?

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It's been a while since I wrote you all a letter.

I won't say too much with this introduction.

Read through the letter and then see if you can answer the true or false questions following.

I come from a family of readers.

One of my earliest memories is sitting in my older brother's room, reading out loud and him getting annoyed with me because I didn't know how to read 'in my head' yet!

Even when I am extremely busy, I still need a book to disappear into before I fall asleep.

Books open new worlds for me, they teach me about places it's unlikely I will ever visit in real life, they introduce me to new people and sometimes, act as a mirror and reflect my own personality back at me.

Inspired by a feature on Oprah Winfrey's website, I am going to tell you about five of my favourite books, books that had an impact on my life.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

My Favourite Books

1. The Poisonwood Bible

This is the most recent book I've read, so it's fresh in my mind. It tells the story of a family who move to the Congo in 1959 as Christian missionaries. It is told from the viewpoint of five women, a mother and her four young daughters. This book really makes you consider what you think of as 'normal'. Is it really normal to have electricity, mirrors and freezers?

2. The Faraway Tree

This was my favourite childhood book! It was written in 1939, long before I was born by the famous author Enid Blyton. It tells the story of three children who find a magic land at the top of a tree. Each time they climb up the tree, the land at the top is different, full of new and magical characters. This book was like an escape for me. I always hoped that when I climbed a tree (which I did often much to my Mothers annoyance) there would me magic at the top of it. Most of my friends have read this book and we all remember it fondly.

3. Shantaram

Shantaram, though it was released in 2003, didn't become popular until around 2007. I read it in about three days, while I was living in Cape Town. Shantaram was influenced by real events in the life of the author and tells the story of an Australian criminal who manages to escape prison and flee to India. It is not just the story that makes this book special, it is the language, which is rich and beautiful. Whilst I was researching this book, I found out the author is writing a sequel, so I am very excited!

4. The Smoke Jumper

I don't know why I fell in love with this book, but for years I recommended it to all my friends, and still do. It was written by the author of 'The Horse Whisperer', Nicholas Evans. The book takes its title from the people employed in The United States, to jump into the centre of forest fires to stop the fires from spreading. The thing I love most about this book, is that it spans a number of years, so we see the protagonists grow and develop.

5. American Ballet Theatre

If you often do my lessons, you may have noticed that I have a massive obsession with dance. I am a professionally trained dancer and though I don't dance as much anymore, I still have a deep love for it. American Ballet Theatre is one of my favourite company's and this book is full of backstage information and beautiful photographs. This year, I was able to watch the company from the wings, they are incredible dancers! I was also lucky enough to get my book signed.

Are the following statements true or false?

  • 1. I am the only reader in my family.

  • 2. I read a lot, even when I am very busy.

  • 3. I read The Poisonwood Bible when I was a child.

  • 4. The Faraway tree was written recently.

  • 5. I had a wild imagination and thought I would find magic lands at the top of trees I climbed.

  • 6. Shantaram is entirely fictional.

  • 7. The author of Shantaram is going to write a second book.

  • 8. In The Smoke Jumpers, we watch the main characters grow up.

  • 9. I studied dance to a high level.