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Who, which and that

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Who is used for people. In casual English that can be used.

The boy who sang.
Only men who are wearing neckties are allowed to enter.
She's the one who won the prize.

Which and that

Which and that are used for things and groups.

Penguins, which can't fly, live in the Southern Hemisphere.
He never watches movies which have subtitles.
Cars which have four doors.

Using comas with which and who

Use comas before who and which when the clause can be taken out without changing the meaning of the sentence. Comas are for extra information.

"My daughter, who was born in Venice, is 17."

In the above sentence, "who was born in Venice" is extra information and can be removed: "My daughter is 17."

Now choose the correct words to complete each sentence:

  • 1) The old woman ___ lives next door.

  • 2) John, ___ you met last night, works for Microsoft.

  • 3) Wines ___ come from France are expensive.

  • 4) Students ___ don't do their homework must see the principal.

  • 5) Watches ___ have leather straps are popular.

  • 6) Dogs ___ are well-trained make better pets.

  • 7) People ___ eat healthy food live longer.