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Why learn English? - All competition entries

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November's scholarhsip competition is now closed. Our monthly newsletter, called English in your inbox, runs a competition in which three readers win a 2-week General English course at an EC school.

The competition question was to tell us, using 20 words, why you learn English. Here are all the entries we received. If yours is not here, we didn't get it. Apologies. 

I hope reading these will motivate and inspire you to keep on learning!

A million thanks to everyone who entered our competition.

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Why do you learn English?

I love English and be able to communicate with people from all the world to have a lot of friends.
Julian Murcia Varela, Colombia

I learn English because English is everything now days, and I need it at my university because the lecture are teaching us in English as well as I can get a good job with good salary. Furthermore, I want to learn English because I love it....
Mohammed Abobakr Ali Gabr

I learn English because what I learnd until now at your school helped
me to get the permanent residence status in the country I choose to
live in and more learning in the future will help me for better communication with my new neighbours and friends.
Gabriele Baumann, Germany

I don't like that people I speak with, could call me stupid without me can understanding it, or worse, I thank them too!!
Patrizia Targa, Italy

I learn English because it's the most beautiful language in the world... no i'm joking, it's just because my Dad forced me to do it !
Shaoqin He, China

I learn English because It's a international language. And also we can use English and speak any body in any country. Thats why it has more weighted than other languages. Most refer books are in English. If we don't know English, we can't refer those books. Therefore English language is Important and I learn too.
Fama H.

English is widely spoken all over the world as a second language. Moreover, English Grammar is not a complicated one.
Mohamed Wisam

I learn English because I like traveling and after my first language course in Malta it tempts me to improved my English!
Selina Sanapo, Switzerland

I learn English because I get used to learn it:). And I really like it! Besides - I work for international company.
Natalia Rush, Russia

I learning English because I like travel, I want to meet new people and I want to see different culture.
Suna Polatddemir, Turkey

I learn English because I want to learn English
Deniz Altuntug, Turkey

I learn English because, it is helpful to speak in the international language, mostly when I am abroad, making life simpler.
Surendra Durga

I like to learn English because English is my second language l need to be a well English speaker because it is a international language.
Lilian Sedze

I learn English because I want to travel a lot. I’ve already started to realize my dream and I will never stop. Now I work in Foreign Company and see many nationalities. Our common language is English here. We enjoy this language because it helps us to communicate to each other. I want to do my best and improve my English.
Alina Mukhangaziyeva, Kazakhstan

Learning...it takes up a lot of time but the incentives may be pretty different. Do you question yourself why you are learning English, maybe you aren’t in need of this knowledge? Or maybe you are really enthusiastic about it, aren’t you? So am I! Of course it really useful in the modern world nowadays, but despite of the above said my great work force in learning is the strong senses of the inspiration and the interest to the language, making the process of my education very speed and interesting...I eager to have learnt English to discover the world beyond my own, outside the country and the city in which I live, out of culture which has created me as a person, out of myself, my views and visions, my feelings and perceptions, to open the worlds of other societies and nations with their habits and likings! And also I’d give the opportunities to other people for discovering the universe of mine taking people throughout my own world, through country I’m living, through surroundings I’m feeling, through the amazing beauty of this world. And following up this great idea I hone my English language skills every day, because I aspire to know the language as if it had been my native.
Oleg Kryshchuk, Ukraine

I learn English because, in mankind's historical evolution, with international fame, recognition and acceptance, English now serves as the sole medium of communication worldwide.
Geethanjali Unnikrishnan

I learn English because it's the International'Communication language; so it's very important in medicine; for traveling,working, understanding news around world.
Temadji Kantangar,

I learn English because everybody says that Chinese is the most spoken language in the world and I want to correct that fact.
Aleksandra Kaliski, Serbia

I would like to learn English for better control in my daily life, in order to can evolve in the seen world that English became the international language, therefore I think that it became a most important.
Mehdi Loukil

I learn English, because watching my favourites TV-series in original version gives me a satisfaction. Every single word I understand is my private success.
Katarzyna Ratz, Poland

I learn English because: 1. I'm not up to stick out like a sore thumb at nowadays. 2. This language strike a chord with me.
Ludmila Mikhailenko

I learn English because it is number one language of international communication, also number one in dealing with sciences, arts, and in military fields as well. Farag Attia

When I was kid all I could possibly think of was games, and I'll tell you what, they were all in English, how the heck would a Brazilian boy on his 8's be able to understand any of the stories, I grew up thinking that English was the opposite of Portuguese, but I got disappointed when I came to an understanding that the languages did not have a lot in common, there is some popular saying in Brazil that states "I'm Brazilian and never give up" that's what our president teaches us.
By the time I was seventeen I didn't have a lot to do in my afternoons and no money was available, that was when I decided to go to the library every day and study as hard as I could just to get home and be able to understand some new lyrics, games and movies, yes, that's what you're thinking I don't like the sound of the word "self-student" but I kind of learned English all by myself, nowaday I work with computers and this is just possible because I can easily communicate in English, what I'm saying is I learn English because I know this is the only way I have to get whatever I want.
Derli Campos, Brazil

I learn English because it is a worldwide language, in which you can communicate with many people and learn new stuff.
Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Greece

I am learning English because my English was not flute and I want to improve my career and to get new position so I will get more income, additional to that I can deal with other at my company or worldwide .
Mohammad Al-Shammari, Saudi Arabia

I learn English because it is the World Language. It helps me to realize my dreams that lay in getting a knowledge of the UK or USA which satisfies international standards and in traveling to wonderful places throughout the world. I would enjoy it meeting new people and talking to them in English.
Akmaral Tazhigarina, Kazakhstan

I learn English, because since I was 10, I have made my mind to study abroad, actually in the USA, where everything is possible!!!
Kristel Topalova, Bulgaria

I learn English because, English is a world language and as Georgia is a member of the world, English is my language too.
Nino Mindiashvili, Georgia

I learn English because I want to be understood by everyone, everywhere, anytime and to see a new super fantastic world of colorful light.
With kind regards
Inga Braunere, Latvia

I learn English because it is the best way to open my mind and the doors of the world.
Maria Laura Strini, Italy

I learn English because English it is one of the most spoken language around the world, so we can communicate together.
Hocene Haddad, Algeria

I learn English because it offers the challege of mastering the language which is known for it's global power today.
Afaf Saoudi

I learn English because I would like to speak english very well, good comminication, good presentation and writing It is related my job and also my life, it is important to improve my responsibility, I had already the basic experience technology and I had the English language basic so, it is strengthly necessary and why I learn English.
Boupha Thongmalayvong

I love English literature and want to read English books in original...So i try to use every possible means to learn well.
Lika Chelidze

I learn English because I like it very much ,It's most international language everywher in the world so I can speak it when I travel anywhere .
If i want to work in hospital, airport or as a secertary I have to be fluent in English language .
also if I want to continue my study for example master degree I must pass TOEFL or GRE examination. That are why I learn English.
Sabah Al Mazroai, Saudi Arabia

I learn English because I have a nice English son-in-law and his family in Newcastle and I need to talk with them.
Bodil Dibbern, Denmark

I learn English because most my friends like to joke in English language and I do not understand the little things what they say.
Natalia Vavilova, Russia

I learn English because it necesary for my interesting new job and good understanding in my travels which probably will be in the future.
Fokin Vadim

I learn English because I want to know what is going on in the world visiting wherever I can go.
Shinobu Tamaki, Japan

I learn English, because being fluent in English gives the opportunity to work and live around world and communicate with much more interesting people
Fedor Nikitin, Russia

I learn English because it is important for communication among people and for updating knowledge...English is also the most commonly used language in the science. In any competition for jobs the knowledge of the English in speech and writing is one of the basic requirements. Knowledge of English in speaking and writing is essential for conducting business and for communication with foreign customers and business partners, English is also essential for better usage of a computer.
Lana, Croatia

I learn English because is funny, academic and is important to communication in the world.
Jorge Pena, Venezuela

I learn English because I want to study abroad.
Nurul Kamal, India

My name is Phuong Thao. I’m Vietnamese and I’m a student at Dalat university. Today, I received an email from Ecteam which invited me to enter this contest. I decided to take part in this competition because I really like this subject and I want to tell you the reason why I learn English as my second language.
Above all, I was borned in an intelligentsia family. My parents always care and encourage my studying. They want to bring all the best thing to me. So, I think I have a lucky chance "to make acquaintance with English" when I was a little girl. I love it in the first day I knew it. I enjoyed to know things about everydaylife , culture, people,… in England and American. Besides, I really want to speak English fluently as other people around the world . I'm so interested in English that I learnt it everyday and tried to talk English with anyone who knew something about it. Then, it became my habbit ( and also my hobby) until now.
Furthermore, because of globalization, nowaday, English is more popular and very useful. It’s used in almost nations (as an international language). I’ve already learnt it everyday so that I can get a good job in the future. I hope someday I will have a chance to go abroad and get succeed base on my own effort.
In conclusion, I love English and choose it as my second language. "I will always keep improving my English!".
Phuong Thao, Viet Nam

I learn English because I like to travel around the word! And I believe it doesn't need much money! It needs good relationships! For a good relationship makes when we can speak to a global language!
Judi Abot

I would like to travel around the world, get to know different cultures and be able to make new friends.
Jelena Resanovic, Croatia

I learn English because it's an amzing language. It' a pretty language which is the most useful in the world.
In fact, I enjoy travelling all over the world. English is the language of communication. It seems all the people in the world use english to talk to each other. It is spoken in more than 100 countries, so I can communicate with people wherever I go.
In an other side, I am a researcher in the computer science field, so I could read technical articles without difficulty. I could also write my own articles!
To sum up, I enjoy learning English language.
Yosra Wahabi

I learn English because I would like to study Records and Archive Management at the University of Liverpool and it inspires me to join the competition.
Ilga Paupe, Latvia

I like it.
Stefania, Italy

I learn English because I want to read, write, speak and think in English which will help me in research.
Sergey Bespalko, Ukraine

I learn English because I need to communicate in the language, read and listen to information relayed in the media.
Aly Swaleh, Kenya

I learn English because it helps me not only to communicate with foreigners but also to express myself better among my friends( from my country). Although every language is rich, there are still some words and phrases typical only for one language and not translatable. Thus, sometimes it is easier for us to express the thought in English, as everyone learns and understands it, than in Russian or Ukrainian, because it's hard to find an appropriate equivalent. So, the more languages you learn, the richer is your general vocabulary!
Olena, Ukraine

I learn English because I want to stay informed, understand native speakers and native speakers understand me.
Jacques, France

I learn English, that is why my intention is to study on British area during my master term, and then I hope I will go on my studies as comparative with other civilization based on my background. English is vital to communicate with others in the world,nowadays..Therefore; I prefer to learn that, and study in English.
Ozlem, Turkey

I learn English because it helps me to push further the horizon’s line, to disconnect my mind from a stressful and disappointing social environment.
Dana-Maria Onica, Romania

I learn English because I love English language and I am really happy when I can speak English with someone.
Diana Masterove, Russia

I learn English because it is all over the world known international language; easy for beginner and challenge for advanced.
Vappu Hietanen, Finland

I learn English because I want to read the books in English and I wish to be good English teacher.
Ugga Pandita, Myanmar

English is my world and my world is in English.
Onur Aytan, Turkey

I learn English because I love travelling and meet new friends and English is the way to communication with people over the world.
Reem Saif, Yemen

I learn English because that's easier for me to explain my feelings in English than in French, that's better to seduce girls!
Alan Moisant, France

I learn English because English is a key to knowledge, science from past till now, it is a door to the world, where almost every letter is written in English language.
Tatiana Kachurina

whatever you're searching, it allows you to improve your life, having access to information that other people can't get.
Matteo Tondo, Italy

I learn English because I need to speak and write in this language at my work if I want to be better than others.
Daniela Popa, Romania

I learn English because I am citizen of the world.
Laercio Venturini, Brazil

I learn English because i need to improve my English Language, and to help me start studying masters degree in mobile communication engineering .
Ahmed Bahaa El-Deen Darwish, Egypt

I learn English because my dream of stepping-up the carrier ladder can not be realized unless I can get speaking English down to a fine art.
Arash Minouie

I learn English because I want to improve myself.
Ruba Sakakini

I learn English because i find it's an interesting language to learn and more over it help me for my future career as well as my current studied subject. I find English is my obsessed cos for a while when I tried to learn a new language beside it, I see myself always thinking about English meaning and translating that word not to my own national language but instead into english and what else I can remember not the new language I've just learnt but English. I think english have unrealisely becoming my second national language already. I love learning and reading English.
Teang Kim

I learn English because I need to communicate whit the people in the world that understand me and teach me how to live in difficult situation.
samira samady

I learn English because knowledge of a foreign language opens up before me the world, helps to know other cultures and meet new friends
Elena, Czech Republc

I learn English because it is a spoken-by-most-of-the-world's-population language facilitating my businesses with most world's population.
Hamza Ethelb

I learn English because I want to attend on course you organized; I believe it would be great experience.
Goran Arsic, Serbia

I learn English because, I need to speak well English in my business, also English is international language and wherever you go in the world, you can speak English and tell your feelings easily.
Can Aksade

I learn English because I like being understandable to the rest of the world and making valuable, endless friendships with people from different cultures!
Radmila. Curcic, Serbia

I learn English because I am student of English literature.
Samar Tahhan, Syria

I learn English because nowadays it really became a ''must have'' in your CV. It is the most important language that connects people all over the world. I definitely think that becoming fluent in English is a huge plus in your career,especially if you want to succeed in your job. Personally,I love English as a language and that's why I take classes. The classes are an opportunity to know how much you don't know. :) I think that the best ways of learning a foreign language are to read books and to communicate with people as much as you can,because that's the way to improve your grammar and writing as well as your talking skills.
English sounds nice and maybe that is one of the reasons I will learn it in the future.
Adela Pupovic, Montenegro

I learn English because:
1 - it is accepted common language in the worldwide.Wherever you go,you will have to use and you will need it.We live in communications age.Everyday life is developed and if you want to keep up the times you should follow the developments and it depends on to speak and understand English.

2 - I am a certified public accountant and I work in a company which is international ; I have to follow the development about my job so I need to speak English.
Duygu Kaya, Turkey

I'm studying English coz i need it in my study. Thanx.
Mohamed Aboud

I learn English because of that I get 2 weeks of free scholarship :)
Yunus Tetik, Turkey

I learn English because I like it, I need it in my job and to speak to my boyfriend, we are from different countries!
Maria Antonia Alejandres, Spain

I learn English because my husband is bilingual and I want to talk to him and his parents in both languages, German and English.
Anke Junge, Germany

I learn English because the knowledge of an international language contribute to a peace, mutual understanding, global development of a science, technics, education, culture and quality of a life of people.
Tatyana Vasetskaya

I learn English because it is widely spoken all over the world and speaking English is the first condition to get a well-paid job.
Dora Anna Mayer, Hungary

The reason why I learn English is because I would like to be able to speak it as well as German.
I'm open-minded and I love travelling, therefore I like to make friends with a lot of people I met.
Andreas Gremaud, Switzerland

I learn English because I strongly believe is the most significant language spoken all over the world, and everyone should struggle to get it and your life will become highly successful.
Vicente Llorens Llorca, Spain

I learn English becouse of my work. I am working in a international section.
Ali Akca, Turkey

English is the gym of my mind, the best way to keep myself young, for an evergreen spirit. Excellent reason! Isn't it!?

I learn English because I can speak, dream, read,chat, write emails, sing English songs, understand ordinary people in the street.
Nadezda Kadlecova, Czech Republic

I learn English because since I was little I always dreamed to understand the lyrics of songs and sing them to tear throat!
Anny Mattucci, Italy.

I learn English because it is a worldwide language for all most every field :modern science ,technology, economy , trade , business, medicine, literature, media industry...etc.
Hashim Ahmad Al-hashim, Saudi Arbaia

I learn English because English is the common language in the world. Learning English gives me new perspectives on my own language as well.
Kristin, Norway

I learn English because it is a great opportunity to know different people and know about their culture. Also I need English for work.
Elvira, Italy

I learn English because it gives me an incredible possibility to speak with almost every human being on this planet. Should there be more reasons?
Dzanan Osmanovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I learn English because I belong to the Global Minds - who believe in international way of life together. English language is the key for feeling home in all over the world.
Timea Polz

Because it's international language and if we want to get more knowledge first have to learn English,because when we want to study all books is in English.
Nazir, Afghanistan

I learn English because I keep watching English movies, reading books,attending seminars with native speakers and subscribing EC Team.
Marites Tachibana, Philipines

I learn English because it allows me to expand the boundaries of the world. This is an opportunity to learn more and more interesting people from around the world and is an opportunity to do more useful things in my life. English is the language of the world and I want to speak it perfectly!
Irina Ratnikova, Russia

I must improve my career, English is a critical language to success, chances can be restricted because the language problems.
Mario Sevene, Mozambique

I learn English because i like to travel around the world and meet people in the trip with different culture.
Daniela Naid Tagliaferro

I learn english because it makes me feel citizen of the world, for I think English is the "lingua franca" of today.Cheers
Daniela Crapanzano, Italy

I learn English because I am working in a world leader in modern energy (windenergy) and the main language to manage all people is English.
Dirk Prahl, Germany

I learn English because I would like to study, work, travel all over the world, as well as the language itself and its culture.
Tuo 'Maggie' Zhao, China

I learn English because It helps me a lot to improve my job and It makes me have confident feeling while dealing with oversea buyers.
Bui Hoang Hai, Viet Nam

I learn English because, I want to improve my writing skills, communication and presentation skills especially report writing and able to correct mistake easy.
Lucas Mothibe

I learn English because: I fond of leraning foreign languages and English is the favourite one; it helps feel confidence in professional sphere and during travellings.
Evgeniya Pugach, Russian

I learn English because nowadays it is one of the important key in the society, that opens the door to the well provided future.
Dilfuza Madirakhimova, Uzbekistan

I learn English because, as architect and environmentalist, I’m working with people from different nationalities and need to be understood.
Edwige Petit

I learn English because I'll become grand-mother of an Italian-English baby! I'll sing lullabies, Christmas carols, and I'll tell her fairy tales: "once upon a time..." Marvellous!
Angela Simeoni, Italy

I learn english because it is the way to broaden my horizon and make this world a better place for everyone.
Danka Furtula, Serbia

I learn English because it connects professional past, present and future like a river witnessing history along with time.
Lorinc Garai, Hungary

I learn English because I want to marry the foreigner. It's a joke! I started to learn English as a hobby and now it became an important part of my life.It helps me in education and I hope that learning English will help me in my future job.
Asya, Russia

I learn English because effective communication is essential for development of international relationships with other cultures, wherever they are from.
Thanks for your attention,
Maria Laura Valente, Italy

Language is culture and our aspects of life relatively, English is a window enabling me with the view of objectivity.
Baris Bakirci

I learn English because English is considered as an international language nowadays and is used as a common way to communicate with each other.
Genevieve, Madagascar

I learn English because it is an international language and by learning it more thoroughly I will be able to contribute to international understanding.
Cem Arik, Turkey

I learn English because it is important for me.
Ghislaine M. Onanga Sika

I learn English because as English teacher in Primary school, I believe that growing in language knowledge is very important. Children needs to have teacher with a high qualification.
Palma, Italy