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'Will be doing' future continuous

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Use 'will be -ing' to talk about something that will be happening at a particular time in the future. Will be + 'ing' is the future continuous tense.

This time tomorrow, we'll be flying to Australia.

Don't phone me after 11pm because I'll be sleeping.

We'll be painting our new apartment all weekend.

She'll be leaving straight after breakfast.

This time next year, I will be rich!

Now try this future continuous quiz:

  • 1) It ___ tomorrow evening.

  • 2) We ___ for Canada in the morning.

  • 3) ___ you be using the car this weekend?

  • 4) I'll be ___ my driving test on Saturday morning.

  • 5) We'll ___ a car as soon as we arrive.

  • 6) ___ be visiting us on Monday.

  • 7) He said he will be ___ his homework after school.