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Wish + Past Verb

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In English, we use wish + past form verb when we want something now or in the future to be different e.g. I wish I had more money. In English, we use wish + past perfect verb to show we regret something (we want something in the past to be different) e.g. I wish I had listened to my mom and studied harder.

Missing Words

Match these five missing words (or phrases) to the sentences:

put up with

1. I enjoy working at my company because my boss always gives ___ to hard-workers.

2. I need to take some ___ next week to go to my brother’s wedding.

3. I couldn’t get a loan because I've had ___ problems this year.

4. Although my pay is good, the ___ at my company are terrible!

5. How can you ___ Andy? Everything he does bothers me.

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Now complete the sentences with the simple past form of the verb:

  • 1. I wish she (tell) me about her party before. I already have plans.
  • 2. Danny wishes he (finish) work earlier every day.
  • 3. My children wish that I (buy) them more presents every Christmas.
  • 4. I wish I (not fill up) on appetizers, because the entrée looked fabulous and I didn’t get to try it!
  • 5. I wish I (get) paid twice a month instead of once a month.
  • 6. Henry wishes he (go) to Harvard because he would have a better job by now.
  • 7. I wish I (have) my free time back.
  • 8. I wish I had (find) one of those jobs.
  • 9. I wish I had (choose) a job with better benefits earlier. (choose)
  • 10. Are you serious? I wish I (can) get paid extra for working on holidays.