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Wonderwall - A tribute to EC Manchester - Listening

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Guess the missing lyrics!

Our new English school, EC Manchester, opened this month in a city famous for great music, including Britpop stars Oasis.

Listen carefully
and fill in the blanks to complete the lyrics of their hit song.

  • is gonna be the day
  • That they're gonna to you
  • By now you should've
  • what you gotta do
  • I don't believe that
  • Feels I do, about you now
  • , the word is on the street
  • That the in your heart is out
  • I'm sure you've before
  • But you never really had a
  • I don't believe that
  • Feels the way I do about you
  • And all the roads we have to walk are
  • And all the lights that lead us there are
  • There are that I
  • say to you but I don't know how