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Word of the day: Compete

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Compete (verb)

Compete (verb) to try to be more successful than someone or something else. When you take part in a competition you compete.

Compete is a regular verb: Past simple competed / Past participle competed

"It's difficult for small shops to compete against large supermarkets." - Present Simple
"My grandfather competed in the 1964 Olympics." - Past Simple
"You are a great player. Have you ever competed in a golf tournament?" - Past Participle

Competition (noun)

Competition: "I came second in my high school art competition"

Competitive (adjective)

Competitive: "My sister is more competitive than me. She loves to win and hates to lose."

Competitively (adverb)

Competitively: "That new shop has a lot of competitively priced goods."

Now decide which form should be used in these sentences:

  • 1 - He ___ in the USA Diving Championships, where he won a silver medal.

  • 2 - Three companies will bid ____ for the construction contract.

  • 3 - They will have to reduce their prices if they want to stay ___.

  • 4 - There is always a lot of ___ for places at that school. All the local parents want their children to go there.

  • 5 - We will keep on ___ until we win!