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Word Order - Adjectives

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Do you know where to put the adjective in a sentence? Follow these simple rules to help you remember:

1. The adjective comes before the noun.
"I live in a small house."
"I have a blue umbrella."

2. The adjective comes after the verb 'to be'.
"I am very tired. "
"Careful, the food is hot!"

It's also important to remember that in English the adjective doesn't change for plural nouns. That makes things much easier!
"Those houses are beautiful. "
"We are really happy. "

Read the sentences below and put the words in the correct order, using the rules above. Remember to use punctuation:

  1. brother your very is tall.
  2. a Christmas I want tree beautiful.
  3. Juliana sunny likes days.
  4. Giovanni want red a doesn't Ferrari.
  5. Carlos excited is learn to English.
  6. fast I love cars.
  7. bored She so is school at.
  8. Cake that delicious is.
  9. loves Emily her earrings new.
  10. Don't I like food is that dry.
  • Sentence 1 is:
  • Sentence 2 is:
  • Sentence 3 is:
  • Sentence 4 is:
  • Sentence 5 is:
  • Sentence 6 is:
  • Sentence 7 is:
  • Sentence 8 is:
  • Sentence 9 is:
  • Sentence 10 is: