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Word Order: Adjectives

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Do you know where to put the adjective in a sentence? Follow these simple rules to help you remember:

1. The adjective comes before the noun.
e.g. I live in a small house.
I have a blue umbrella.

2. The adjective comes after the verb to be.
e.g. I am very tired.
Careful, the food is hot!

It’s also important to remember that in English the adjective doesn’t change for plural nouns. That makes things much easier!
e.g. Those houses are beautiful.
We are really happy.

Read the sentences below and put the words in the correct order, using the rules above.

Write your sentences in the comments section.

1. brother your very is tall.
2. a Christmas I want tree beautiful.
3. Juliana sunny likes days.
4. Giovanni want red a doesn't Ferrari.
5. Carlos excited is learn to English.
6. fast I love cars.
7. bored She so is school at.
8. Cake that delicious is.
9. loves Emily her earrings new.
10. Don't I like food is that dry.

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