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Word Order - Adverbs of Frequency

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Adverbs of frequency are used to say how often (or frequently) we do something. In English, the adverbs of frequency are:

Hardly ever

You probably remember the vocabulary, but can you remember where we must place them in the sentence?

Below are ten sentences containing adverbs of frequency, but in some of them the word order is incorrect. Your job is to decide which sentences are correct and which are incorrect. Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline Devane

  • 1. I hardly ever watch television, nowadays there’s nothing on!

  • 2. She always is late. I wish she’d just get up a bit earlier.

  • 3. I usually plan essays well in advance.

  • 4. Shopping centres frequently are packed with people, it makes me anxious.

  • 5. I buy never mushrooms, I hate them.

  • 6. I work on Saturdays sometimes.

  • 7. Sometimes I work on Saturdays.

  • 8. I dance rarely in clubs, I’m too self-conscious!

  • 9. Do you go to the cinema often?

  • 10. I never am hungry, because I snack throughout the day.