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Word Scramble - food!

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This text is all about my favourite types of food, but I have scrambled up some of the words. All the scrambled words are related to food and cooking. Unscramble them then write them correctly in the box. What’s your favourite food? Can you recommend any recipes to me? Enjoy!

By Caroline


I really love cooking and food. I will eat almost anything, except (1) shrmsomou I can't stand them. My favourite type of (2) etam is chicken, especially in a honey and mustard (3) scaue. I also eat a lot of (4) teegaarivn food and I enjoy making (5) ltheahy salads. I like using lots of different (6) genstreindi when I create new (7) ciseper but the thing I cook most with, is (8) hocclaeto! The only annoying thing about making (9) licedusio cakes and cookies, is that I always feel guilty after I've eaten them! Maybe in the future, I will learn to be a professional (10) hefc.

Link: Cooking Verbs

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