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Work prepositions

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We usually use these three prepositions when talking about jobs.

For and At

For and at both have the same meaning.
"I work for HSBC."
"I work at HSBC."

These both show the name of the company.

"I work for a bank."
"I work at a bank."

These both show the type of company.


"I work in a bank." - This shows the type of building where we work, not the type of business.
"I work in an office"
"I work in a shop."

Match the job to its correct workplace, good luck!

Use the above prepositions to write your own sentences describing your work.

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  • 1. Mechanic:

  • 2. Hairdresser:

  • 3. Bricklayer:

  • 4. Actor:

  • 5. Teller:

  • 6. Sailor:

  • 7. Artist:

  • 8. Judge:

  • 9. Surgeon:

  • 10. Manager: