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World Children's Day

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Do you know that since 1954, 20 November is recognised as as Universal Children's Day.

The aim of children's day is firstly to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and secondly to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world's children.

On Children's Day may schools and educational institutions make the effort to teach pupils about the children's rights and draw attention to places around the world where children have no rights and little respect.

According to the United Nations, its role in Children's Day is to, "protect and promote children's rights to survive and thrive, to learn and grow, to make their voices heard and to reach their full potential."

What do the above orange words mean? Choose the correct definition:

  • 1) Universal means:

  • 2) Mutual means:

  • 3) Initiate means:

  • 4) Draw means:

  • 5) Thrive means:

  • 6) Potential: