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World Knowledge Quiz

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Here's a quiz to help you practise your English and test your world knowledge at the same time! Below are ten different countries and a clue that describes them. However, all the letters of the country have been mixed up.

Can you unscramble the letters to find the country?

  • 1. "reegec" Clue: A European country made of lots of tiny islands.
  • 2. "zlirab" Clue: This is the largest country in South America.
  • 3. "witsrezdlan" Clue: A country famous for its neutrality, skiing and chocolate!
  • 4. "tarsaulai" Clue: You can find kangaroos, koalas and lots of snakes here.
  • 5. "npais" Clue: A country bordered by Portugal and France.
  • 6. "panaj" Clue: The country that brought us sushi and karaoke!
  • 7. "yegpt" Clue: If you want to see the pyramids, you should go here.
  • 8. "surias" Clue: The largest country in the world, by area.
  • 9. "zomamiqueb" Clue: A famously beautiful country on the South East of Africa.
  • 10. "nalderi" Clue: The country that celebrates St. Patricks day.