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Your and You're

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Your and you're sound similar and are sometimes confused even by native speakers.


Your is the possessive form of you. It shows ownership or relationship to the person you are talking to.


Can I borrow your bike?

Your daughter is in the garden.


You're is the contraction of you are.


You're cheerful.

You're the same age as me.

When you are unsure which to use, remember that you're is you are.

Now decide if you or you're are needed in these sentences:

  • 1) ___ always late on Monday morning.

  • 2) Ask me for help if ___ too busy.

  • 3) Don't forget to bring ___ passport.

  • 4) ___ correct.

  • 5) ___ welcome.

  • 6) Is that ___ dog I can hear?

  • 7) She thinks ___ funny.

  • 8) ___ going to get wet unless you take an umbrella.

  • 9) I remember seeing ___ phone on the sofa.

  • 10) I think ___ experience will be needed.