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Make collocations: using 'make' excercise

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'Be careful that you don't make a mistake!'

Today we take a look at the word make. This useful word is used a lot in English. It collocates with many other words. This means that it appears with certain words to make a set phrase. For example, we say ‘make a mistake’ and NOT ‘do a mistake’ or ‘take a mistake’. That is because make collocates with mistake.

Now take a look at these make sentences and choose the correct word to best complete each sentence:

cry - noise – a call – changes – laugh – decision – angry – effort – profit – a snack

'make example sentences'

'using make, take, and have'

  • I need to make before we go.
  • You have had a week to choose. It is time to make a .
  • I can't hear the TV. You are making too much .
  • Have you eaten yet? Shall I make you ?
  • Microsoft made a big last year. They made a fortune!
  • I hate it when people are not polite. It makes me .
  • She is so funny! She always makes me .
  • I want to rewrite this report. We need to make some .
  • You need to try harder. You should make more of an .
  • Peeling onions makes me . I need a tissue.