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'make','take' and 'have' quiz.

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'Take a break, Mr. Elephant!'

Collocations are groups of words that naturally appear next to each other in sentences.

For example, we say 'I have a headache' and not 'I take a headache' or 'I make a headache'.  Now you know 'have' always  collocates with 'headache'! Easy!

Try and and see if you can complete the sentences below using 'make','take' or 'have'.

There are no fixed rules about collocations. You have to learn by practising!

  • ___fun on your holiday!

  • I really need to ___ a haircut. It's too long.

  • When are you going to ___ a decision?

  • It's hot. Let's ___ a drink.

  • There is no need to run. Please, ___ your time.

  • I ___ a problem. Can you help me?

  • Relax! ___ it easy!!

  • I'm not adventurous. I don't like to ___ risks.

  • Be careful. Try not to ___ any mistakes.

  • He wants to ___ history by winning the race in a record time.