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more'wh...' questions

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'___  section of the orchestra does the flute belong?'

It was very popular the last time, so today we take another look at  'Wh...' questions.

To review, 'Wh...' words are what, when, why, where, which, which and how.

Please choose the correct 'Wh' form to complete the questions below. Pay close attention to prepositions eg on, in and at.


If you like you can try and let us know the answers to the questions too!

Link: another 'wh...' lesson

  • ___ section of the orchestra does the flute belong?

  • ___ mother is called Marcheline Bertrand?

  • ___ Italian discovered America?

  • ___ players are on a rugby team?

  • ___ did the last Olympics take place?

  • ___ book is there a character called Voldemort?

  • ___ is the Dutch town of Delft famous?

  • ___language does the word tycoon come?

  • ___ did the Romans write 10?

  • ___ are suitcases weighed?