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Music Lesson - Beatles 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away'

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This song was recorded by the Beatles for their 'Help' album in 1965. It was written by John Lennon and it is said to be about the groups manager Brian Epstein, who was a homosexual. In Britain in the 1960's it was a crime to be gay, so Brian Epstein had to 'hide his love away'.

Now complete the lyrics below. Use lower-case (no capitals) and watch your spelling. 

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  • Here I stand head in hand//Turn my to the wall
  • If she's gone I can't go on//Feelin' two-foot
  • Everywhere people //Each and every day
  • I can see them at me//And I hear them say//CHORUS
  • How can I even try//I can never
  • Hearing them, seeing them//In the I'm in
  • How could she to me//Love will find a way
  • Gather round all you //Let me hear you say//CHORUS