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Music Video Lesson - Don McClean 'American Pie'

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Wherever you go in the world, you'll find a band playing this song in a bar. It must be an international law or something.  Apparently, the song is about the death of famous 50's musicians Buddy Holly in Febuary 1959 when the singer (Don McLean) was a young boy delevering newpapers. The next time you hear it you'll be able to sing along with the intro. Play the clip and complete the lyrics below (it's a very long song so you only need to listen to the first couple of verses).


  • A long, long time ago // I can remember
  • How that music used to make me // And I knew if I had my chance
  • That I could make those people dance// And, maybe, they’d be for a while
  • But February made me // With every paper I’d deliver.
  • Bad news on the // I couldn’t take one more step
  • I can’t remember if I cried // When I read about his bride
  • But something touched me inside //The day the music died
  • So bye-bye, miss American pie// my Chevy to the levee
  • But the levee was dry// And them good old boys were drinking and rye
  • , this’ll be the day that I die// This’ll be the day that I die