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Nationality adjectives: Where's he from?

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'He was German. He came from Germany.'

‘Where's he from?' and 'Where does he come from?' both have the same meaning. We can answer this question like this:

'He comes from Italy' or 'He's Italian'.

Italy is the name of the country (and is a noun) while Italian is a nationality (and is an adjective). Nationality adjectives must always start with a capital letter - 'Italian', not 'italian'.

We can also ask, 'What nationality is he?'

To this question we, of course, answer:

'He's Italian'

Remember, we also use nationality adjectives to describe the things that come from a country, not just the people. For example, Italian cars, Mexican food and (my favourite) German beer!

Let's take a look at some other countries and their nationalities.

(If your country is missing from the list, or you want to know the nationality adjective for a country, please let me know using the 'comments' button. Thanks.)



Country Nationality
America American
Belarus Belarusian
Brazil Brazilian
Britain British
Canada Canadian
China Chinese
Denmark Danish
Egypt Egyptian
France French
Georgia Georgian
Germany German
Greece Greek
Holland Dutch
India Indian
Ireland Irish
Italy Italian
Japan Japanese
Korea Korean
Libya Libyan
Morocco Moroccan
Nigeria Nigerian
Pakistan Pakistani
Peru Peruvian
Qatar Qatari
Russia Russian
Scotland Scottish
Spain Spanish
Switzerland Swiss
Thailand Thai
Turkey Turkish
Ukraine Ukrainian
UAE Emirati
Uzbekistan Uzbekistani
Vietnam Vietnamese
Wales Welsh
Yemen Yemeni
Zambia Zambian


Now use your world knowledge to complete these fantastic statements I made!

  • There's a new ___ restaurant near my house.

  • Emma's new boyfriend comes from ___ .

  • Although he was born in Hong Kong, both of his parents are ___.

  • He was born in ___.

  • He's ___. He was born in Holland.

  • ___ people are warm and friendly.

  • Like most people from ___ ,she loves football.