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Hi all ^0^

Hi all ^0^

Hello all,

Firstly, i will tell a little bit about myself. I graduated from a college majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management in July 2008. I'm 23 year old girl who is very interested in English. This is the reason i am here to write something to make friends with all of you.

I think all of you want to improve ur english more and more. And you know guys, Writting is very useful to make your grammar, vocabulary and reading skill better day by day. In additon, it does not take much more time. Therefor, i wonder why we not try to write letters eachother not only to improve our English but also have more friends. Why not, rite?

If you agree with me, open ur mail and write some lines to me . Upon get ur mails, i will reply as soon as possible.

My email: teju_teju12@yahoo.com