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help me please

help me please

Please help me to correct every thing

I have a test soon

On writing, and the topic is:what do u think about uniforn in school?

I wrote this piece please help me to correct it please

The uniform is very interesting. In my opinion, I think its good idea because the students will feel like team working together. Also it's help parents when they buy clothes for New Year. In addition it's decrease the problems students in the selection confusion the clothes. Moreover the uniform is easy to find by poor people, because a lot of shops will buy it's. Actually the student should think about education more than clothes design by famous person. If some student don't accept that, we can change their mind by explain the importance of the uniform. In summary I hope our students accept that idea because many reason. For example, save the money to help our family. Finally, we should do our best to realize success.

I'm waiting help