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Please help me to edit this Letter

Please help me to edit this Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in support of Albert Gonzales, our fourth 4th year surgery resident from East Timor. He was accepted in our program after his MBCh from National Medical College in East Timor where he was the top ranking student overall. Albert was the first international medical graduate that was accepted in our program and I knew from the beginning that he would be a valuable asset into our staff of residents. Thailand is his first country outside East Timor and even with many cultural and social differences; he relates well with consultants, residents and staff. I believe, it's because he shares the same virtue and principles that of a responsible primary caregiver physician. Personally, he is hard-working and very approachable person.

In the five years that I have known him, he has developed a sound knowledge and deep understanding of the surgical aspects of the disease processes, which gives me a sense of satisfaction, knowing that Albert will excel in the field of surgery in the future.

In addition to his training in surgery, Albert is certified in advance cardiac life support and good clinical practice and has recently passed part 1 of the Thailand Board of Surgery Examination for residents. He always enthusiastically participates in the Department's Annual Post-graduate seminars. His contribution as an organizing committee was praiseworthy in the recently conducted "One-day Surgery: Three days surgery lecture series by Dr. Adam Lee".

I strongly recommend Albert for this fellowship program as an aspiring and devoted surgery resident who will, with no doubt continue his pursuit of excellence in the different fields of surgery. If given this fellowship opportunity, I believe that he will be a valuable asset in your department.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information regarding Dr. Albert.

Sincerely Yours,