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Junk Foods

Junk Foods

Junk food..........tra tra Party

In these days,,
there are alots of pepole love or Addicted junk foods,,

for many years i eat junk foods every Once to twice at one week.. :\
meal of (burgerking-pizzahut-mcdonalds.....etc)

im my country its anormal thing,,
especaily my country is very small and we have aloooooots of these Restaurants..

every Place i go i must see the Famous restaurant meals ,, At Wits End
all moals\Universities\parks..

its hard to Avoid them,, Drooling
but At least we should Reduce to eating these foods,, Liar

we all know these foods are bad for our health,,
its not just make you fat,,personally i dont have Overweight,,
But sure it have negative effects,,

the qustions\ Nerd
1- did you eat junk foods??How many times at months\weeks??
2-whats the negative effects for these foods??
3- whay you eat junk food?? Drooling
4-is a healthy foods Delicious more than junk foods or its just back to our habits?
6-Have you tried before to Avoid junk foods for ever??

Cool *Note: if you cants speak english very well, you can use google Translate.