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can Someone please edit and fix My letter?

can Someone please edit and fix My letter?


I am writing this letter to request withdrawal from the course 6221 CPSY 25649, A Clin Perspective,which I am supposed to take this coming semester.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to obligate myself for 2 courses this semester as my family and I moved 6 months ago to a new country and we are trying to work out our way here.

In order to be able to pay my fees on time I would kindly like to ask your approval on the following request:
1. Delaying the above mention course to the fall semester (Sep 2014)
2. Take one semester break (summer semester) due to family reasons.
3.Pay the remain balance from last semester, 100 dollars and the Course CPSY 6215 , Lifespan Development, in 3 terms.

Thank you in advanced,