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Australian Bushfires

Australian Bushfires

there's something it's not perfectly clear to me in the reading regarding Australian bushfires.The words which are not perfectly clear to me are included in double quotes.

1)what's a "bushfire"?

2)Furthermore I don't understand the exact meaning of the verb "scour". I would like to know if it is a word which is strictly related to the actual operation of a rescue team, whilst searching for victims of a disaster and related to how the search action is performed actually.

3)"Trapped-some" in their cars.I understand Trapped" but not the added "some".

4)The fires "tore" through rural town. It's not perfect clear to me the meaning of the verb "tore".

5)As Australia "battles" raging bushfires in Victoria that has "claimed" more than xx victims.

Thank you

Bye EL