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A plenty of questions!

A plenty of questions!

Hallo, here are the sentences. What I don't understand is included in double quotes.So you will find here a million of double quotes...

1)"The way forward"
2)"There's no way" "Ford are" going to restructure themselves "along those lines".

Why do you use "are" and not "is" with Ford?

3)"Hello there!"

Is it a short form to say "Hallo to everyone who is listening for example to the radio program?"

4)Is that viable "though"?

Why "though" is added?

4)The traffic "passing me " as I drive to work...

I can undestand the meaning but I can't understand why the traffic is passing "me". I would have said that I see a lot of a traffic and not that I am passed by the traffic. This way it seems like I have been run over by the cars which cause the traffic!

5)"In some ways"

Can you give me another expression with the same meaning?

Sorry if my questions sound a bit meticulous...

Bye EL