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Hi! How do you do?
How have you been here?

Actually, it's my first time to log-in here and I'm so amazed that there are really lots and lots of people who want to learn and improve the use of the English Language.

I find this site of great help as it has a comprehensive lessons for grammars, vocabulary, listening and reading. Imagine, it's almost complete. Yes, it is! Indeed, we can be really really good in English.
After studying a lesson or lessons on this site, we should be able to use it correctly then. And for us to be good in English, we should also practice our SPEAKING.

To be honest, whenever I hear the word "speaking", the first thing that always comes in my mind is... to speak like the way Americans speak. Perhaps it is because of Americans mother tongue is English and so they speak natural and very easy, which we called 'the American Accent'.

I'm currently undergoing in a training for English and Accent Neutralization. It was not too easy then to imitate on how Americans pronounce a particular word. I have to neutralize my accent since it's also a great asset when teaching English to my cousins.
It would be great, too, not just for my cousins but for my self in the future. Who knows? Maybe some other day I will be starting to teach English online. Hehe (After my training? Haha)

Oooh..sorry guys if it's quite long. Am I making a summarization?
Just kidding!

Before I end up this one, I just want to tell you that I'm open to those who want to speak with me. So please don't hesitate to speak with me.

SKYPE = esl.roque
YAHOO = yoghurt18@yahoo.com

I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Happy studies!