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How to use Reported Speech

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We use reported speech when we want to repeat what someone had previously said.

Let's look at the difference between direct speech and reported speech:

Direct Tomie said = 'I am tired.'

In the news: natural disasters

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Mother nature can be a bit scary at times. When she is angry she can use her amazing powers to create destruction and chaos on our little planet. These days there seem to be more and more occurrences of natural disasters happening around the world.

Let's take a look at the names of the natural disasters that we can see on the news:


Upper Intermediate reading exercise 'Dracula'

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Don't be scared...it's only English!

Read the first few paragraphs of Bram Stoker's Dracula and then answer the comprehension questions below. The introduction takes the form of a diary written by the character Jonathan Harker:

Business English: Buying and Selling Vocab

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Here we take a look at some of the specific English used in buying and selling. These are terms that are important to both customers and sellers:

cash on delivery

Cash on delivery (British) or 'collect on delivery' (American) means that you pay for something when it is delivered to you.

American versus British English

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Winston Churchill said that England and America were 'two nations divided by a common language'. Today we look at some basic differences in vocabulary between British and American English.

Past tense verb practice

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Complete the following ten sentences below by using the past simple verb or past participle tense of the verb in brackets. Be careful with your spelling.

Link: irregualar verb list

Link: simple past tense

Link: past perfect simple

In the news: talking about the environment

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'Think globally, act locally.'

How 'green' are you? Are you interested in the environment are you worried about it?

There is no escape from it: pick up a newspaper or switch on the news and you will see countless stories about the environment.

Shop idioms

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Here some idioms which use the word 'shop'.  When you have read the article below, see if you can match the right idiom to the right sentence.

to talk shop

To talk about your job when you are not in work. Usually to discuss business in your free time.

'Whenever I go out with my co-workers we always end up talking shop.'

Which sentences have mistakes? Part 3

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Decide which of the following sentences are wrong.

Read the following ten sentences and decide if any have mistakes. If you get some answers wrong, you can click on why below to find out what is wrong with the mistake sentences.


Adjectives to describe the tastes of foods

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'How does it taste?'

How well do you know food adjectives? Take a look at the following list of adjectives which we use to describe food. Try and match the correct adjectives to the correct sentences. As this is a quiz, there is no explanation of the adjectives' meanings.