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Upper Int: nouns from adjectives

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'Free is the adjective; freedom is the noun'

Let's build up your vocabulary.  Complete each of the following sentences with the noun form of each adjective in brackets. For example:

  • Nelson Mandela was given his freedom after 27 years in prison. (free)


Key Words

Here are some of the words that appear in the sentences. You can click on these words to find out what they mean. Each word will take you to the Cambridge Online Dictionary:








Only use lower-case letters. No CAPITAL LETTERS, even at the start of a sentence.


Link: ‘-ed’ and ‘-ing’ adjectives to describe feelings.

  • The politicians wanted to make history. (poor)
  • Let us drink to your . (healthy)
  • World is still a big problem. (hungry)
  • He has all the confidence of (young)
  • The jury all agreed on her . (guilty)
  • is the best policy. (honest)
  • Roman Abramovich has got a lot of . (wealthy)
  • There is no that it will snow this winter. (likely)
  • Unemployed people often suffer from . (boring)
  • There was a lot of toward the company. (angry)
  • Gamblers need . (lucky)
  • They are trying to measure the of the river. (long)