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Phrasal Verb - 'Get': 8 verbs you should know!

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'Don't let your problems get you down.'

A phrasal verb is a verb + preposition. Phrasal verbs are very common in English and can have more than one meaning. It is very important to learn phrasal verbs. The best way to learn them is to practise. Today we look at a few uses of the phrasal verb 'get'.

to get up

To 'get up' means to get out of bed in the morning. This is different from 'wake up' which means the time that you open your eyes after being asleep.
'Although my alarm wakes me up at 7, I don't get up until 7:30.'

to get into

to enter a car or taxi. We use 'get on' for buses and trains, but 'get into' for cars.
'Joey is too fat to get into his sports car!'

to get off

To 'get off' means the time that you finish work and go home for the day.
'Do you want to go for a drink after work? I get off at 5:00.'

to get on with someone

To 'get on' means to have a good relationship with someone.
'I don't get on with my my sister. We're always fighting.'


to get in somewhere

To 'get in' means to successfully enter a place by using effort, force or even a criminal action.
'Thieves got into the office by breaking a window.'

to get someone down

To get someone down means that something makes you unhappy or depressed.
'Don't let your money problems get you down'

to get over something

To get better after an illness or after an event which made you unhappy.
'She was sad when she broke up with her boyfriend, but now she has got over it.'

to get together

to have an arranged meeting with someone.
'Why don't we get together for lunch sometime?'


Phrasal Verb 'take' exercise 

  • Jenny looks terrible! I don't think she has got ___ her cold yet.

  • I get ___ more with my mother than my father. We have more in common.

  • I never get ___ before noon on the weekend. I like to sleep late.

  • What are you going to do after you get ___ work this evening?

  • He used a fake I.D. to get ___ the club.

  • I'm planning to get ___ with some friends for a coffee.

  • I'm feeling depressed today. The bad weather really gets me ___.

  • Come on! Get ___ the taxi. We're late!