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Useful Phrasal Verb - 'Hang'

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The young students liked to hang out after class 

'He likes to hang out with his friends!'

You will be happy to know that there are not many phrasal verbs using hang, but the ones we use are very useful for you to know.

Let's take a look at seven hang phrasal verbs and some example sentences. Remember:

hang is the simple present tense.

hung is the simple past tense and the past participle.

The verb hang means to stay in a place. Most of these phrasal verbs are related to this.

hang about

To spend time in a place doing nothing.

'There's always a group of teenagers hanging about at the top of my street.'

hang around

To spend time in a place
'He likes to hang around in his apartment on weekends.'

hang on

To wait. A similar, more formal, expression is just a moment or another phrasal verb with the same meaning is hold on.

'Hang on! Don’t go. I'll be there in a minute.'

hang onto

To keep something.

'Hang onto this receipt. You might need it in the future.'

hang out

To spend time with friends relaxing.

'We should hang out tomorrow and go for a coffee.'

hang up

To put something up on the wall. This phrasal verb can be split by the noun. The meaning is the same.

'You can hang up your coat on the back of the door.'

(You can hang your coat up on the back of the door.)

'I'm going to hang up the painting you gave me on my bedroom wall.'

hang up (2)

To put down the telephone at the end of a call.

'My girlfriend was so angry that she hung up on me during our phone call!'


Extra meaning: 'hangover' (noun)

Maybe you go to a party and drank too much alcohol. The next day you have a headache and you feel sick. Congratulations! You have a hangover! A hangover is feeling sick the day after you drank too much. Naughty! Naughty!

'It's no surprise you have a hangover. You drank more beer than anyone else!'




  • I accidentally hung ___ on my boss. I hope he calls me back.

  • Hang ___ my telephone number. You never know when you might need to call me.

  • He ___ about in the office on his day off. I don't think he has anything better to do.

  • I ___ out with your brother at the mall yesterday.

  • Have you ever ___ up on a telemarketer. You know, the people who call your home trying to sell you things.

  • Hang ___ . Let me finish my drink before you take the glass.

  • Did you hang ___ that mirror? It's not straight.

  • I drank way too much vodka and redbull last night. I have a terrible hang ___ !