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phrasal verb quiz 2

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'Go to sleep = drop off? fall off? throw off? stop off?'

Hi guys. Well some of you asked for another one because you liked the last phrasl verb quiz we gave you. So here it is!

It's the same as the last time: you must choose the correct phrasal verb that matches the key word.

Phrasal verbs are very important if you want to lean English. There are many of them and on this site we will continue to help you master them!

Good luck.



  • Fall asleep: ‘I usually FALL ASLEEP on the sofa.’

  • Write down: ‘WRITE DOWN my telephone number.’

  • Vomit: ‘After drinking so much cola you might VOMIT.’

  • Decorate: ‘We should DECORATE this room with balloons before the party.’

  • Leave: ‘I want to LEAVE because it is starting to get dark.’

  • Wait: ‘WAIT! I just need to go and get my bag.’

  • Be careful: ‘BE CAREFUL. There is broken glass on the floor.’

  • Die: ‘My grandmother DIED when I was very young’.

  • Be friends: I AM FRIENDS with my neighbour.’

  • Start: ‘The party STARTS at 8.’