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phrasal verb quiz...test your knowledge!

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'Break down? Break up? Break in?'

Hi guys! Phrasal verbs...maybe you love them so much you want to kiss your computer, or hate them so much you want to throw it out of the window. However you feel about them, they are very important for you to learn!  Phrasal verbs, at first sight, can seem difficult to understand, however, the more phrasal verbs you learn, the more you will notice a pattern in how they are formed.

So, today we have a little quiz for you to try.  There are no hints or explanations. You'll have to use your experience and 'feel' which answer is correct.

Choose which phrasal verb best describes the word or phrase.


Phrasal Verb 'Take' practice 

  • make sense: 'His speech did not MAKE SENSE.'

  • stop working: 'My car often STOPS WORKING in winter.'

  • happen/occur: 'The plan HAPPENED after I talked about it with my father.'

  • disappoint: 'Your test score DISAPPOINTED me.'

  • confuse: 'It's easy to CONFUSE me for my brother; we both look the same.'

  • quit or stop: 'He will QUIT school as soon as he can.'

  • decrease (become less):'We have seen a DECREASE in sales this month'

  • have a good relationhsip: 'My brother and sister really HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP.'

  • return (something): My teacher said she will RETURN my homework tomorrow.

  • continue: 'Please continue sitting after you hear the bell.'