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Reading: wedding and vocabulary match exercise

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The happy couple!

Read the following article about weddings in Britain and match up the descriptions to the key words in bold:

"Marriages in Britain are heavily tied to tradition. Usually the man proposes to his girlfriend and buys his new fiancé an engagement ring. It is their choice if they want to have a long or short engagement while they plan their wedding. Although it is expensive, many people have a big church wedding followed by a wedding reception (wedding party). On the big day, the bride wears a white dress and walks with her father up the aisle (area in-bewteen the chairs for people to walk) where the groom is nervously waiting. During the ceremony the couple exchange rings and at the end they kiss. People throw confetti over the newly-weds as they leave the church on the way to the reception. At the reception people eat, drink, dance and make speeches. Soon after the wedding, the husband and wife go somewhere special on honeymoon - usually to a romantic place. This is the start of their new life together!
If you discover that you and your wife hate each other, don’t worry! It is pretty simple (and common) for couples to get a divorce!"

 The bride and groom walked down the aisle.


Tennis: reading and vocab match

  • Very small colourful pieces of paper.

  • Another name for the man on his wedding day.

  • An agreement to get married.

  • A woman on her wedding day.

  • Legally end a marriage

  • To ask someone to marry you.

  • A holiday after a wedding

  • A couple who have just got married

  • The man or woman you are going to marry.