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'There' and 'Their'

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 There goes your brother!

'There goes your brother.'

English learners (and native English speakers) can get confused by these two words as they have the same pronunciation, but different spellings and meanings. Here's a review and a couple of hints to help you remember:

Their is a possessive adjective like 'her', 'his', or 'our'.

'They are listening to their radio.'

Every other use refers to 'there'.

'There goes your brother. Can you see him? He's over there.'

Remember: 'there' has 'here' inside it to remind you it refers to a place, while 'their' has 'heir' to remind you of possession/ belonging.

Now complete these sentences using 'there' or 'their'. Do not use any capital letters!

  • is a strange noise coming from next door.
  • When they were in the park dog ran away.
  • is no point complaining to me about it! It is your problem!
  • The soldiers were rewarded for bravery.