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What are 'extreme adjectives'?

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packed subway

'Tokyo's subway is packed at rush-hour.'

Oversuing the word 'very' when talking can be boring for the person listening. For example:

"Yesterday, It was very hot, so I went to the park, but it was very crowded. There was a very big dog in the park and I was very scared when it ran by me. I started to feel very hungry so I decided to buy an ice-cream. The ice-cream I bought  was very cold, but it tasted very bad. I think it was old. I tried to complain but the seller didn't care. I was very angry! Unfortunately, I was very tired and I didn't feel like arguing. On the way home I stopped in a cafe and drank a cold glass of lemonade. It was very good!"

Instead of using 'very' too much we can use 'extreme adjectives'.

These adjectives mean very + adjective.  As extreme adjectives have a strong enough meaning, you do not need to use 'very'. If you want to make them stronger, you can use 'absolutely' before the extreme adjective.

Here's a table of some extreme adjectives and what they mean:

Adjective Extreme Adjective
cold freezing
hot boiling
dirty filthy
hungry starving
crowded packed
bad awful
good wonderful
scary terrifying
angry furious
tired exhausted
big huge
small tiny


  • Now, re-read the short story above and replace the bold words with extreme adjectives.


  • Finally, complete the sentences below using the extreme adjectives from the table. Remember to use the correct form of the adjective.


  • The trains during rush-hour in Tokyo are . There are people everywhere.
  • The world's biggest casino opened in Las Vegas - it's . It's twice the size of the previous world's biggest.
  • I was when I saw that someone had damaged my car and had driven away.
  • After running the marathon she felt . She just wanted to lay down.
  • My hometown is in the winter, so remember to bring a big coat.
  • You need to clean your bedroom. I've never seen such a dirty room. It is in here.
  • I'm because I didn't eat breakfast and I was too busy to eat lunch.
  • Turn on the air-con it is in here. I hate summer! It is too hot!
  • People left the cimema before the film ended because it was . It's the worst film I've ever seen.
  • My wife is of birds. I'm not scared of anything
  • You must climb the mountain. The view from the top is !