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Jason's story - part 1: reading, grammar and vocab exercise

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Read the following introduction to a story and decide which words are missing.  Which is the correct word for each number? When you have finished check the links for any new words

Jason ran _1_ the stairs, two at a time, jumping off the bottom step and landing on the floor with a loud 'thud'. “Don’t do that, Jason! How many times do I have to tell you?” his mother called from in the kitchen. “Yeah. Sorry, mum”, he responded, not really meaning it. ‘You should have _2_ for school ten minutes ago” continued his mother to an obviously unconcerned Jason. As he entered the kitchen he _3_ up a heavily buttered piece of toast from a plate on the table. Jason was in no hurry to get to school. It was a Tuesday. That meant double maths, first lesson. Jason jumped up onto the counter _4_ his mother who was already making a start on the breakfast washing _5_

“Can I _6_ home today?”he asked.

“Don’t be so stupid!”

“It’s not like they can teach me _7_   I don’t already know”, he mumbled through a mouthful of toast.

“Your school report seems to say otherwise. Your teacher said that if you…” and that was as _8_ as Jason heard. He was already looking out of the kitchen window into the back garden, watching a large black crow struggling with a worm in the long wet grass. ‘Why live in the real world, when you can live in a dream world’, was Jason’s motto.   

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  • 1= the missing word is:

  • 2= the missing word is:

  • 3= the missing word is:

  • 4= the missing word is:

  • 5= the missing word is:

  • 6= the missing word is:

  • 7= the missing word is:

  • 8= the missing word is: