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Wimbledon Tennis: reading and vocab match

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Reposting this lesson because it's Wimbledon time again!


'Game, set and match.'

"The Wimbledon Tennis Championships take place at the beginning of every summer in South-West London.

It’s a traditional English summer event and thousands of visitors go to watch famous tennis players trying to beat other competitors. The tournament takes place at the England Lawn Tennis Club. At the Tennis Club there is a large hill where spectators can sit and eat strawberries and cream, which is a traditional English treat. Every year over twenty-seven thousand kilos of strawberries are eaten during the Championship along with seven thousand liters of cream! The large hill is known as ‘Henman hill’, named after the popular English tennis player Tim Henman.

This year the favourite to win the men’s singles competition is Roger Federer, a Swiss player who has won for the last four years. He is famous for beating his opponents with the way he serves. However, the tennis is very competitive and no one knows who will be victorious."

Now choose the correct definitions of the words:

Thanks to the guys at EC London English school for this lesson!

  • when a player finishes the game with the highest score (or finishes a race first).

  • these are the people who watch a game.

  • an adjective to describe a person who really wants to win.

  • when one player makes the other player lose.

  • a special food or gift given on a special occassion or to children when they are good

  • to throw the ball in the air and then hit it to your opponent